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The Romanian Ortodox Church of Ususău Congregation

The Romanian Ortodox Church with St. Ierarch Nicholas as titular Saint of Ususau Congregation, Protoierie Lipova, Arad Episcopacy from the Metropolitan Church of Timis was built in 1912. The costs of construction were of 56.800 crowns.According to tradition this Protoierie hosted another church, demolished in 1913. The blueprint was signed by engineer Paul Rozvan, the construction being carried out by Sneider Matvias and Ianoş from Giula county. It is built in rock in the Wien-baroque style accustomed in Banat. The tower is built from bricks and wood covered with plate.The arch, semi-cylindric berceux of bricks and covered with concrete..The church isn’t entirely painted, only the tetramorph, the painter being unknown. The iconostasis is made of wood , as well as the furniture and floor. The church is made of concrete plates.The church was blessed by archbishop Ioan I. Papp.The corporal since 1913 from archbishop Ioan I. Papp. Interior and exterior restauration at the church and at the church tower were not made.The registry book of christianed, wedded and buried is being kept since 1950. The archives date since 1850.Serving ministers according to the registries and tradition: Alexa Petrovici 1780 - 1810, Gheorghe Petrovici 1810 - 1850, Vasile Petrovici 1850 - 1876, Nemesu Alexa 1876 - 1889, Vasile Deheleanu 1889 - 1935, Savi Vasile 1935 - 1938, Liviu Dehelean 1938 - 1948, Zorlentan Gheorghe/capelan 1941 1946, Pereteatcu Vitalie 1948 - 1950, Cazacu Victor 1950 - 1957, Ungureanu Traian 1958 - 1963 , Avramescu Ioan 1963 1965, Rotaru Silvian 1966, Jirji Valeriu 1968. Nowadays the Ususau Congregation is being served by minister Mititelu Stefan Mircea. Old books of ritual: Octoih 1709 Chir Danil, Octoih 1712 Mtr. Antim Ivirescu, Octoih with the Book of Hymns 1712 Stefan Stratimirovici, Triodion 1726 Chir Danil, Gathering of the Cazanii 1743 Stefan Stratimirovici. Art objects, icons or old blessed plates do not exist. The church yard is rounded with a stone and iron fence. Next to the church is the Protoierie house, built of bricks and wood by the faithful peasants in 1937. .


The Romanian Ortodox Church of Dorgos Congregation


Dorgos Congregation can be found on the road from Lipova to Birchis. It is set on valley between two hills, at East “Buligesti” and at West Semetery hill.The first Ortodox Church was built in 1772, being demolished in 1812 and another one being built. In 1910, the church burned down. In 1911 was built another church that is still standing today. The wake of the church is on the 14th of October, celebrating St.Paraschiva, nowadays being served by minister Ungur Daniel.


The Romanian Ortodox Church of Patars Congregation

Patars county has on the East Zabalt village, on the West Varnita, on the South Lalasint and on the North Dorgos. The old Ortodox Church was built in the second half of the 18th century, later being demolished. In 1925, another church is being built. The wooden church standing today was built in 1995. The wake of Patars church is on the 8th of September.



The Romanian Ortodox Church of Zabalt Congregation

The Romanian Ortodox Church of Zabalt was built between 1874-1849 under minister Moise Dehelean. It was blessed by minister Ioan Taranu on the 19th of December in 1849. The church is made of wood in old Romanian style.The church’s roof was made of chip until 1950 when it was changed with tile.A whole restauration of the church was made in 1979. Starting with the year 2000, the church has been put up to various changes, the exterior has been restored and also the roof. The changes were possible thanks to a family’s good will and material help and godlike people The church has relic of St.Prov, Taroh and Andronic that can be visited by godlike people who attend the High Mass. The wake of the church is on the 15th of August, being served nowadays by minister Ungureanu Cristian .

The Romanian Ortodox Church of Bruznic Congregation

The Romanian Ortodox Church of Bruznic, was built in 1828 in Romanian style. It has only the iconostasis painted. The church’s roof was made of chip and it was changed with tile in 1966. Wooden chairs dating from 1860-1865 and a Bishop’s throne from 1865 can be found in the church. The wake of the church is on the 14th of October, being served nowadays by minister Ungureanu Cristian.