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The community Ususau is situated in the north of Banat , in a valley situated in narrow path of the river Mures and between the peeks of the north plateau Lipova . Within the network of Arad county localities formed by Arad city , 7 cities and 67 communities, Ususau community is in south central of the city , is in the range of the city Lipova , the characteristics being the location , farming, economic ,the forest exploitation, hunting(in a small amount) the touristic potential of the area not being exploited yet. From the point of view of the coordination and cooperation elements , Ususau community is included in the area of inter - community centers from the left bank of the river Mures, on the route Arad - Ususau community – Birchis community – Faget of the Mures Valley on the left bank.The Usasau community is on eof the most important communities in Arad is situated near the national road DN7 ( Nadlac- Arad – Lipova- deva-Bucuresti :the forth corridor Paneuropean for road and railway transports) this offers a easy access with near cities. Through the existent ways of communication, Ususau community is directly linked with the resident city Arad (40 km), Lipova city- 3-8 km north –west and the common territories of the cities.

The administrative territory

The administrative territory With a total surface of 13543 he that has five localities: • Ususau – the main city • Dorgos- village • Patrars- village • Zabalt- village • Bruznic-village The community is situated in the south –east of the Arad city, having as neighbors: Conop-North, Barzava-north east, Bata- east, Sistarovat-ouest; Lipova-city north west , and south with the Timis city . The characteristics of the territory being varies altitudes, plains, having higher altitudes in the area of Domanu and Lipova hills and meadow in the north area crossed by the river Mures . Ususau community expands between Zarand Mountains at north and Lipovei hills in the south, being crossed by the river Mures to whom it gives the varieties of altitudes and landscapes. Given to the natural environment the human activities are: agricultural, sylviculture, breeding and fruit growing. The area being characterized by the compact position, with streets that follow the level curbs of the plateau, the households are over 2000 square feet that includes the house, the vegetable gardens. The layout of the community is gathered, every village having a central area with churches, schools, parks, post office, City hall, hospital, bars, bakery, shops, the agricultural production and manufacturing being outside of the village. The layout of the streets follows the valleys of the villages, the neighbor villages and the residence village showing the placement of the households like something from the past. The localities being crossed by a street path.

The population of Ususau village

From the information provided by the Statistic County Direction, we show: The total population of the village is split in those five villages in this way: • Ususau: 472 inhabitants • Dorgos: 248 inhabitants • Bruznic: 206 inhabitants • Patars: 110 inhabitants • Zabalt: 309 inhabitants

The economic development of Ususau village

The economic units that are in the administrative territory of Ususau village are located in the main bodies, but preponderant in the isolated ones, the main economic function being agricultural and activities which come from agriculture, sylvan, there being units with commercial character and services. The most important activity in the region is the residence village, with an important part in the economic life of the area. Industrial activities, stock-pile, constructions, commerce. The main economic activities will be presented below. The number of employees, abilities couldn’t be defined because the units are in a continuous reorganization after the market needs and its fluctuations, during the period of passing from the centralized economy to the market economy. Taking into consideration the current conjunction it is noticed in general the decline of the economic activities, by choice in the last state units, just like the continuous transformation of some units profiles, depending on market demand, emerging new small productive units. There is a small plant for wood windows “ROTOLEMN” SRL, and a ballast-pit for the natural reserves in Mures. Both plants are equipped with new and modern tools and continuously invest in development. Due to the modern equipments the number of employees is reduced. Agricultural and zooculture activities The agricultural sector is preponderant in village activities, as before 1989 as in present, accumulating the biggest part of the population within working age from the village, reaching over 50% from the inhabitants. Unfortunately the type of agriculture is that of subsistence, numerous fields remaining uncultivated. Growing animals is of individual type, in the households from the village, but even in this case doesn’t exist a large number of animals. In the village don’t exist associations, the field being cultivated by each agricultural owner. i


Tourism In the Usasau village there are currently no touristic units, but the fact that the studied area has a spectacular landscape thanks to the mixture of altitudes that we meet, we can say that it has a big touristic potential. A touristic potential can be considered the fact that in the area was discovered a mineral water spring. The hunting potential of the area is remarkable containing a large variety of species (pheasant, rabbits, deer, boars, foxes, wolfs) these being under the administration of the Silvan Barn of Buteni because of a specific legislation. Also the fishy potential is special allowing the development of rural tourism and agro tourism activities together with hunting and fishing possibilities. The forests are touristic objectives and resource of the village, with silvan varieties, free area for hunting. The Mures meadow presents illuminated landscapes, out of level terrain, with high and low meadow vegetation. In the Ususau village are protected natural areas, touristic objectives: • Fossiliferous lake “Zabalt” • Fossiliferous sandy areas, near Zabalt village, at north; • The forest “Magura cu ghimpi”, at north-west of Dorgos.


Local infrastructures of Ususau village



At Ususau village level are the following public services :



  • • Schools 9
  • • Kindergarten 4
  • • Studying rooms and school cabinet 10

Culture and art

  • Libraries 2

  • Cultural homes 5

Health protection

  • • Human Clinics 1
  • • Veterinary clinic 1

Post office and telecommunication

  • PTTR unites 2